A downloadable fangame for Windows

(9/5/2017) The source has been released. If you know how to use RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials, feel free to make your own patches for Pokémon: Uncensored Edition!

Pokémon: Uncensored Edition is a NSFW fangame I've been working on for 3 years. It's got two big regions to explore, 550 obtainable Pokémon and loads of collectibles and unlockables.

The game starts off very silly and quite immature, but develops into something much darker later on. I know the beginning is pretty cringey, please bear with it! :)

As you might imagine, this game is not affiliated or endorsed with/by Nintendo or Game Freak. It's simply a result of a lot of time, sweat and love (Although it might not seem like it at the beginning, hah).

Please enjoy!

Current version: 1.0.2c (updated 1/17/2017)

Release date Sep 01, 2016
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags16-bit, Fangame, Game Boy, nsfw, pokemon, pokemon-essentials, RPG Maker, sourcecode
Average sessionDays or more
AccessibilityConfigurable controls

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and run Game.exe to play. Also, please read the read me!

If you have an older version of the game (1.0.x), get the patch instead.

itch's own system for launching games (client?) doesn't seem to work with this game. Don't use it here.


Pokemon Uncensored Edition 1.0.2c 181 MB
Pokemon Uncensored Edition 1.0.2c Patch 36 MB
Pokemon Uncensored Edition Source.zip 175 MB

Development log